Human Resource Management

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Human Resource module brings greater effectiveness to the full range of human resource functions and responsibilities. Module provides for easy, accurate and timely retrieval of employee and activity oriented information through menu driven, user friendly operations.24x7 ERP has been designed to meet the information need of all levels of management and facilitates decision making, planning, monitoring, control of daily activities.

We have developed a revolutionary software for Human resource management that promises to change the way HR activities have been handled so far in India.24x7 ERP makes the functioning of the organization very lucid and transparent the way it should be presented to the top level manager

24x7 ERP intakes all the raw data of an organization and molds it into a strategic powerful management tool. It enables managers to better understand what exactly is happening in the workforce, given the fact that managers have less time to analyze events within the organization, react and take a quick but correct decision. 24x7 ERP helps in this aspect by giving graphical analysis of the data required.

Features and benefits

  • Analyzing numerical and graphical capabilities that you need to manage your Manpower.
  • Reports are available both in HTML and PDF Format with graphical representation where required
  • Eliminate duplicate data entry, enhance reporting capabilities and empower employees with seamless integration with RFID, Proximity, Smart Card, and Biometric Thumb Reader to accurate IN-OUT management.
  • Reduces routine inquiries, paperwork and data entry, freeing up valuable staff time to address more strategic organizational issues
  • Employees can update marital status, dependents, dependent status, and more throughout the year as the result of events that impact their benefits.
  • Easily monitor the progress of employees in the open enrollment process, and send customizable reminder messages to employees.
  • No employee training required uses familiar Internet browser technology through the benefits open enrollment process.
  • Multiple loggers with different access authorities providing no intervention in other responsible authority’s transactions.  
  • Masters and reports in well-organized format for quick easy and understandable access.
  • Contract labor management.
  • Attendance in 48 Hours single day management.
  • CSV Attendance files import.
  • Individual restricted Accesses.
  • Explanatory interface.
  • Payment types monthly, day wise, hourly
  • Customization as per requirement and demand basis.
  • Personnel Information
    • Define Organizational Setup – Departments, Categories, Grades and Positions.
    • Maintain complete Employee Information including name, address, qualifications, family details and personal details such as sex, blood group, mother tongue, religion.
    • Maintain Complete Service Records Process requests for change in name, address, qualifications or other details.
    • Print Placement Transactions such as Appointments, Confirmation, Promotion & others.
    • Suspensions, Lay-off etc.
    • Access all information on-line.
  • Human Resource Development
    • Perform HRD activities.
    • Education and Training.
    • Career Planning.
    • Performance Appraisal.
    • Awards and Disciplinary actions.
    • Tour management
    • Outpass management
  • Leave and Attendance
    • Define various types of leaves and rules related to entitlement, carry forwards etc.  
    • Define Shift allocation, C-offs etc.
    • Automatically creates Leave Cards.
    • Process leave transactions such as leave application, cancellation and encashment.
    • Interface with Attendance Machine.
    • Generates Attendance Muster
    • Generate absenteeism, late coming, early going and unauthorized absence reports.
  • Payroll
    • Comprehensive Payroll Structure, which lets you define payment and deduction elements and various rules.
    • Enter one-time payments and deductions.
    • Update Price Index Values for the month.
    • Define Income Tax and Employment Tax Rules
    • Pay arrears of any period due to price index change, wage revision or attendance.
    • Process payroll for different categories on different dates
    • Re-process payroll any number of time, if required.
    • Print all statutory reports such as Payslips, Paysheet Register, Cash and Bank Statements,
    • Recovery statements such as L.I.C. Premium, Loans, Advances etc., P.F. Statement and E.S.I. statement.
    • Print all statutory reports such as Semi Annual ESI Statement, Form 3A, Form 6A etc.
    • Automatically calculates Income Tax based on Rules defined
    • Print T.D.S. Certificates.
    • Calculate Bonus/Ex-gratia easily.
    • Track Employee Loans

Key Performance Indicators

  • Attendance meter
  • Multilevel Attendance graphical analysis
  • Man hr output analysis  
  • % of total hours lost to absenteeism.
  • Average overtime hours per person.
  • Workforce information
  • Monthly salary