Inventory and Material Management Module

Experts estimate that 20% of all orders are filled imperfectly, thus the ability to meet customer demand by getting the right products to the right place, at the right time and in the right condition is an essential competency with bottom line implications. 24x7 ERP's warehouse module enables you to see what inventory is or will be available. Organize work and align resources and labour to satisfy customer requirements and optimize fulfilment and distribution processes to ensure that products are delivered on time and in full each and every time. 24x7 ERP provides result improved supply chain management with end to end fulfilment from order inception to delivery.

Features and Benefits

  • Define multiple godowns with rack, bins, and stack.
  • Define finished, wastage, WIP, export and raw material godown.   
  • Maintain material inward, outward register.         
  • Gives all inventory movement analysis.     
  • Creating Store & internal arrangement.     
  • Records Material In-Out from factory.     
  • Facilitates document management by scanning & uploading challan, invoice copy and GIRIR.
  • Extensive reports available for Fast – Slow moving stock, dead stock, Material Register, also location wise stock report which help to find out material position.     
  • Facility to generate Store requisition from various departments
  • Have authority to generate Purchase requisition from same place.
  • Vendor – Supplier rating as per ISO format.
  • Graphical representation for Store Movement.

Key Performance Indicators     

  • Per day issue and receive.
  • Quantity and value for RM, Item & WIP stock.
  • No of requisition raise and issue.
  • Finish good stock and wastage stock.