Production and Shop Floor Management Module - Trading

24x7 ERP is a powerful advanced planning and scheduling system that enables you to quote, measure and attain accurate delivery dates. The PPC module makes Just in Time and Lean scheduling possible for all companies whether you have products that are made to order or made to stock or both.

The Production Planning and Control module is an easy to use finite capacity scheduler. It has the capability and the advanced technology to generate highly optimized and feasible schedules for your manufacturing process. You can easily determine the most optimal solution by quickly running "What if" scenarios.

24x7 ERP will only schedule production when resources are available. Materials are ordered only when they are needed. Inventory levels fall and bottleneck resources are not overloaded. Work in progress remains at a relatively constant level. Lead times are more predictable and delivery dates are more reliable. Management spends less time fire-fighting and can balance fluctuating demand with available capacity.

Features and benefits

Define Item.

Define Bought out item (BOF) with trading flag.

Define sale item.

Planning can be done as per sales need & production requirement to purchase & optimize inventory in the organization.

Define Item in category, group, and subgroup level for better inventory management with ENI Standard.
Define model as per requirement with multiple Item making sub-assembly & group of sub-assembly creating model, which can be sold as a company product in a market.  

  • Order Received.
  • BOM (Bill Of Material).  
  • Costing  
  • Production allocation facility against work order.  
  • Production allocation facility against machine capacity.  
  • WIP (Work in Process/Progress) tracking.
  • Stocks transfer sheet form different processes.
  • Daily consumption and production.
  • Q C Inspection after each process.
  • Production inspection.
  • Recycling of rejected goods.
  • Final inspection of finished good.
  • BOM Master listing.
  • Raw material procurement requirement as per production planning.
  • Production consumption register.
  • Comparison analysis between actual status Vs production planning.
  • Stocks Transfer Register.
  • Department Stocks Ledger.
  • Department Rejection Ledger.
  • Costing based on BOM.
  • Bill of Process
    • Define Production facilities in terms of production centers, work centers and machines.
    • Define manpower assigned for each work Center /Machine.
    • Define Production Deviation /machine idle reasons.
    • Define Batch release preference.
    • Define Process bill for each product, which includes:
      • Sequence of manufacturing operations.
      • Machines used for each operation.
      • Inputs, outputs and yield for each operation.
      • Time required for each operation
      • Measurements required to be taken during each operation.
      • Test requirements (if any) for output of each operation.
      • Standard Operating Procedures for each operation.
  • Production Planning
    • Initializes the Planning year.
    • Define Work Calendar for Production Centers
    • Create Production Plan based on Distribution Plan.
    • Review Production Plan and make changes if required.
    • Calculate Monthly Capacity Requirement Plan.
    • Project gross raw material requirements.
    • Assess plan feasibility with respect to capacity and manpower currently deployed.  
    • Analyze capacity utilization with respect to plan.
    • Analyze manpower utilization with respect to plan.  
    • Instantly find Plan v/s. Actuals Position.
  • Production Scheduling
    • Create firm production schedules based on plan.
    • Evaluate raw materials requirements and their availability.
    • Evaluate capacity requirements and their availability.
    • Evaluate manpower requirements and their availability
    • Revise production schedule (if needed) due to non-availability of materials, machines or manpower
    • Create Batch Orders for production.
    • Define daily Production Schedule.
  • Operations Management
    • Schedule Batch Orders for execution
    • Automatically generates Stores Requisition for raw materials for a Batch Order.
    • Enter Batch Details (operation wise) including
      • Inputs at each operation.
      • Outputs at each operation.
      • Value of measurements taken during each operation.
      • Test results for outputs (if required) of each operation.
      • Operation Start Time and Finish Time.
      • Stoppages (if any) due to power failures, machine breakdown or absenteeism.
      • Enter Machinery Log detail.
      • Enter Daily Production log.
    • Access Process bill details including Standard Operating Procedures on-line.
    • Generate Intimations for Q.C. for testing of intermediates and finished goods.
    • Print Batch Tickets for completed batches.
    • Generate various Production Reports
      • Batch Master Report
      • Batchwise production report.
      • Production Register.
      • Production statement for Complete Batches.
      • Consumption statement for Complete Batches.
      • Storage lag time deviation report.
    • Generate Capacity Utilisation Reports.
    • Generate Manpower Utilisation Reports.
    • Generate Yield Variance Report.
    • Generate Batch Costing Report.
    • Generate W.I.P. Report
    • Generate Monthly Production Plan v/s Actual report.
    • Generate Quarterly Production Plan v/s Actual report.
    • Generate Capacity Utilization Summary report.

Key Performance Indicator

  • Manufacturing cycle time
  • Average production costs of items
  • Loss ratio of material per order
  • Rate of damaged material by error of workers
  • Scrap value %
  • The value of the minimum order, Average value of the order
  • Profit rate per order
  • The rate of profit on each customer
  • % of preventive maintenance cost
  • Number of breakdowns