Purchase & Supplier Module

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Most organization believes that negotiating the prices with the Vendors/ Suppliers is the best way to reduce expenses. With Purchase & Supplier Module, the organizations will find different ways of reducing and controlling the expenses.

Purchase module helps manage procurement, organize and maintain detailed vendor information, maintain a bid matrix, request for quote and comparison of the same, create purchase orders or generate POs from planned orders, manage requisitions, and receive and inspect vendor/ supplier shipments. Manage Sub contracting job and Import Management.

Features and benefits

  • Allows different types of purchases like purchase requisition, supplier approval, purchase order.
  • Direct purchase order, with covering letter and special terms and conditions if cost of the good to be purchased is more than 10000 or 15000
  • Open purchase order by defining item for open purchase order
  • Direct service purchase order
  • Generates purchase order for different types of items like BOF item, MFD item, NOP item.
  • Generates purchase order for raw material.
  • Generates Service order like transport.
  • Maintains vendor database, along with details regarding key personnel, products supplied by them with rate card.
  • Allows committing turnaround time to vendors regarding their payment
  • Maintains vendors other information like PAN Card number, TIN number.
  • Defines Tax rules.
  • Allows collating the requirements across multiple locations for the same Items and place consolidated orders with the Vendors. Thus ensuring that the organization get bulk discounts and save money.
  • Goods Received Notes (Delivery Challan) are entered online by the receiver of the Goods, thus avoiding delay in reconciling the material ordered and received.
  • Helps in better document management by scanning and uploading DC/Invoice with GIRIR.
  • Visibility graphical interface give you clear picture of the expenses for the CFO and reduce expenses.
  • Enforce the process of having Purchase Requisitions filled out and approved before purchases are made.
  • Authorizing managers to raise electronic purchase requisitions, helps bringing visibility into what possible purchases are in the pipeline.
  • To get better rates you can club together requirements from more than one purchase requisition.
  • Enables to trace it to the right PR.
  • Offers you a 360-degree view of a Purchase Order.
  • Enables you to capture details of advances which need to be paid, and ensure authorized approvals.
  • Gives you breakup of the total advances given, by vendor, by time period, etc.
  • Coordination on services rendered or products delivered between actual user and purchase personnel becomes easier.
  • Tax rates verification of vendor bills.
  • Matching of vendor bill with advances.
  • Verification of vendor history on other purchases.
  • Verification of deliveries.
  • Saves time in pulling out information about expenses from the system.
  • Gain insights on spend patterns, which helps you reduce expenses and get better rates from vendors.
  • Can manage cash flows better, due to visibility on pending payments
  • Minimizes frauds and payment mistakes.
  • Helps to do inventory control.
  • Create category for external entity & enter their detailed information, helpful for account & administration
  • Facility for amendment purchase order.
  • Integrated with Inventory, Finance & Production Planning.
  • Highly parameterized – to reduce data entry
  • Streamlines purchase and process cycles.
  • Detailed Supplier/Subcontractor/Service Provider database.
  • Vendor evaluation based on quality, price & delivery time.
  • Order entry with item details and other details like taxes, discounts, extra charges like freight, P&F, octroi etc.
  • Order cancellation and order closing.
  • Multiple delivery schedules.
  • Quality inspection of goods.
  • Advance adjustments.

Key performance indicators

  • Delivery on time.
  • Delivery verification as per quantity, quality.
  • Purchasing cost.
  • Suppliers rating