Total Quality Management

The Quality Control module in 24x7 ERP supports quality systems presently in place in high reliability manufacturing environments.

By implementing 24x7ERP you are already taking a significant step in improving quality control across your entire organization. 24x7 ERP offers specific quality focused tools to assist your company in achieving optimal quality control over your products and business processes. Maintains a high level of product quality with complete inspection procedures from raw materials to work-in-process, to customer and vendor returns. Easily track defective materials and assign them for return to vendor, scrap or rework. Measure your production performance and procedures with statistical process control tools. Closely monitor your vendor’s quality and delivery metrics. The increased quality of your products and processes will increase customer satisfaction.

Features and benefits

  • Material in quality management.
  • Material out quality management.
  • During production process quality management.
  • After production process quality management.
  • Manages Customer compliant.
  • Manages Customer response.
  • Due calibration.
  • Audit check point.
  • Takes care of ISO control measures.
  • Takes care of HACCP – GNP and HACCP-CM control measures for food processing industry.
  • Facility to access various reports or production status from any location in the world.  
  • Option to provide the access to your clients for their respective order tracking

Key Performance Indicator

  • No of Certificates issue
  • No of derivations – finish goods and raw material
  • Customer complaints raise and solved
  • Calibration pending and quantity.